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Saturday, February 20, 2016


Today we heard this from our leadership team member Elise in Northern Uganda. 

"[Today,] we traveled up to Kotido to mobilize some of our disciples to prepare for a Storying Together training.... This morning training starts, and we will see different sub tribes all come together in one accord to learn how to craft stories and ultimately take the gospel back to their villages and see the Kingdom spread!"

Friends, THIS is what it looks like to Walk Agape. It's different there than it is here - as it should be. But don't miss this - those sub-tribes, meeting around that table, in any other context might be ripping each other apart. 

Literally. Over land or a cow or a crop, or for no other reason than the fact that they are different, blood would likely be shed. 

So often in America we don't fully understand what Jesus meant when he said, "... I tell you, Love (Agape) your enemies and pray for those who persecute you." (Matthew 5:44) Here we might think of a work place competitor, or a school room bully, or even someone who is politically at odds with your point of view - but that is only just the beginning. Jesus is telling us to love those He has entrusted to us in our spheres of influence. The young, the older, the broken, the hurting, or more - rapist, the sexual offender, the con-artist who took your life savings, the burglar who murdered your mother, the cult leader who wooed your son away, the couple who sued you and ended your business. Agape is hardcore. 

And it's not about some little simple, "God loves you," either. As He is in relationship with us, we are called to relationship with others. It is then that we are able to speak truth into each other's lives, hold each other accountable to growth and our continued transformation into the likeness of Jesus, from glory to glory. 

It's not anything we can do ourselves - we have to go to the source Himself for this type of love. Agape comes from God and God is agape. 

Friends, this is what Walk Agape looks like in real life, African terms. These sometimes warring tribes are coming together in the name of Jesus to learn how to spread the Good News through story to their own people. They are being discipled (Abide) and building relationship (GrowTogether) in order to move forward together (OneAccord) to spread the Gospel (Proclaim Everywhere) to the I reached tribes of the African bush.  

Here we talk in theory, there, our sister Elise lives it out. Will you pray for this training for this training over the next two weeks?

Thursday, November 19, 2015


I am one voice. One part of the Body of our Lord Jesus Christ and you have no obligation to hear, but perhaps you can listen for just a moment. This is not an opinion on the refugee crisis. It’s not a piece of prose about the wickedness of our generation. It’s simply a trumpet call shod in the shoes of the gospel of peace. 

God called me to this ministry of walking agape almost four years ago and has taken me on a personal journey through trial and suffering, joy and pain to get me to a place bowed low at his feet. I am among the least of his servants – I don’t have a platform or a following but this message beats deep within my soul and I am part of his body and my part does matter.

Beloved, we are One Body. 

We have One Spirit reigning supreme inside of us. 

We were each called to One hope – a certain expectation of the coming kingdom of our One Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 

We are part of One faith – a deep conviction of the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

We each take part in One baptism out of slavery to darkness and into the freedom of new life in One God and Father of all who is over all and through all and in all.

But to each one of us grace was given in the form of a gift according to the wisdom of Christ. Each of our individual gifts make up this one beautiful Body of Christ that is called to walk as one in love. Self-sacrificial, lay-my-life-down, place-my-one life-on-the-altar and live for His sake LOVE. 


Self sacrificing love is patient – long-suffering, self-restraining before giving room to action, having the power to avenge but refraining from the exercise of that power. Self sacrificing love is kind – it shows itself as useful and acts for the good of the other. Self sacrificing love is not jealous – the foot does not look at the hand and say I wish I were a hand because a foot is not as important. Self sacrificing love does not brag and is not arrogant – it is not prideful in it’s own place, but takes into account the valuable place the others hold. It does not take revenge on others for pleasure, it is not drunk with pride and set against the other members of the Body. Self sacrificing love does not seek its own but seeks the good of the whole Body. Self sacrificing love does not exasperate another – it comes alongside to sharpen for good, not to sharpen into a weapon to rip the Body apart. Self sacrificing love does not keep a running list, an inventory of wrongs committed but instead rejoices when Truth and Love and Hope and Peace shine bright on the hill.*

Beloved, I’m seeing a lot of rope tugging. The Truth is one massive rope woven together by the grace and mercy of our One God – Father, Son and Spirit. Part of the body is on one end pulling, toiling, striving to make its piece victorious and another part of the body is on the other end of the rope working equally hard to preserve the truth of their end. But the problem, beloved, is that if we continue pulling our end of the rope, Truth will be ripped apart, unraveled at the core.

Is it possible to place the rope on the ground? To drop our end of the rope for just a moment so we can hear the other voices in the Body? Is it possible to knell at the side of the rope of Truth and ask Him to reveal the whole picture? You see – there are some in the Body saying we need to seek love and act justly and love mercy. And there are others in the Body – the watch-people on the towers speaking of the possibility of coming destruction. And beloved, you are all right! Truth does not have to be ripped down the middle. It is possible to pick up our part of the rope and walk together in one accord. It is possible to live in the tension of Truth and not be divided. It is possible to be the Church. We are the Church. We are the hope of earth.

But beloved, if all the world sees is our fleshly hate they will never come to know Agape. God is Agape and those who walk in Agape know God and His Agape is perfected in us and perfect Agape casts out all fear and Agape is the perfect bond of unity.

Jesus’ one prayer for us before He showed us what love is on the cross was that we would be One as the Godhead is One so that the world would know why He came and who He is. Beloved, we must learn to walk agape. The advancement of the Truth depends on it. Let’s put our end of the rope down, please! Sit in the tension.
Listen to your brothers and sisters and seek to appreciate their part of the body. Maybe then we will all attain to the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. 

Walk Agape – that is the hope of the earth.

*Select definitions adapted from Zodihates Complete Word Study.

Saturday, October 31, 2015


Walk Agape Summit 2015


Walk Agape is more than just a blog or a website.
It's a call for revival in our day.
It's an a Word-driven framework to challenge the Body of Christ to live love well.
It's a network of believers growing in community.

What is Agape? It's real. True. God-breathed.
Sacrificial love that would lay down our preferences, opinions, or "rights", or even our very lives - not just for the ones that we love, but for our enemies; for those who might even hate us.

It's a call to something deeper. 
Out of the futility of rule-based religion and into the loving arms of your Creator.
And then pass it on.

Learning to love God and themselves, to ABIDE
and be transformed into the likeness of our King.

Learning to love others - to really GROW Together
in vulnerable support and encouragement.
Learning to work towards One ACCORD,
reaching towards unity in the midst of diversity...
so that, by all these things,

It's just the Gospel lived out.

If these ideas and concepts tug at your heart, you don't want to miss this groundbreaking workshop. We are looking for believers who are eager to learn and passionate about spreading the Gospel and maybe even this message of living love that He has given to us.

Here's what you can expect at the Summit:

Friday | 6:00 - 8:30pm
Walk Agape Overview - The Framework

  • Learn a little about Who we are and how Walk Agape came to be.
  • Explore the Walk Agape framework and its biblical foundation.
    • Abide: It begins with me.
    • Grow Together: We are made for relationship.
    • One Accord: The Universal Church - Learning to live in unity amidst diversity.
    • Proclaim Everywhere: Christ proclaimed is the natural outcome of learning to Walk Agape.
Saturday | 8:00am - 4:00pm
8:00am - Noon - Living Love: How are we doing?

  • Interactively share our experiences and explore how we think we’re doing as the hands and feet {and the Body} of Christ in this age and culture. We will focus on identifying our strengths and opportunities, but also acknowledging our weaknesses and things that threaten to hamper the Gospel of Christ.
1:00pm - 4:00pm - Walk Agape: What’s next?
  • Given what we’ve learned, where do we go from here? How do we connect with the Church where they are? What resources exist and what gaps are there? Who can we partner with? This brainstorming session will focus on how to further our effort to spread the Gospel through living love.
You can also expect to:
  • join together in corporate worship
  • build diverse relationships
  • discuss the vision of the future of Walk Agape
  • break bread together
  • learn | laugh | love

Get more information here (Summit Info)

Space is limited, so don't wait.
Cost is pay-what-you-can, so if you're feeling the call to come, don't let anything stop you.
God will make a way.

He's calling. Will you respond?
Let's learn to Walk Agape together.

Monday, October 5, 2015


The Walk Agape Summit 2015 schedule has been updated.

Join us November 13-14 to learn about Walk Agape and how we can work together to get this message out. The Body of Christ must live love better, for they will know us by our love.

Click this link for full details.
Register today.

Interested? Here's our vision: